Insurance Is Still Cheap

Now, before you do anything else I need you to first read Scott’s equities related perspectives which he graciously posted earlier this morning. It’s spot on and I could not agree more. As it so happens however I have quite a bit of material to add today – you may want to grab a cup… Read More..

Five lessons to learn from the Wall Street career of Ace Greenberg

Tap to expand imageA Wall St. veteranAP Photo/Kathy Willens Wall St. legendary trader Alan C. Greenberg passed away today from complications due to cancer. The 86-year-old, nicknamed “Ace,” helped to build Bear Stearns into a powerhouse investment bank to rival those of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, until it buckled under the in the maelstrom… Read More

9 Blunders Every Wholesaler Must Avoid (Or Else!)

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that real estate investing is an incredibly popular field with immense opportunity for profit. Many people who are interested in real estate investing but don’t have immediate cash, or just want to get in fast – start their careers with real estate wholesaling… Read More

Three Strikes You’re Out

Equities have been whipsawing near our inflection point at 1982 which led me to lose 1/2 R twice (one short and one long) and it looks like my third short entry is about to meet its maker at any moment. Looking at equities across the board the odds seem to support a continuation higher but… Read More

Are we financially Secure for Retirement?

This was the question I was asked recently by a couple.  They have wonderful income.  They are great savers and have amassed a great deal of savings.  And yet, they had the question: Are we financially secure for retirement? IT’s A STATE OF BEING For some individuals, the mode of saver is always there.  They… Read More

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”— Real Estate Investing from Afar

Ever since I started my real estate investing journey, I’ve come across numerous investors–myself being one of them, who decided to invest in properties that weren’t located in their “backyard”. I strongly believe that investors shouldn’t invest within close proximity of where they live, if better returns can be found elsewhere. It will just come… Read More

Last Chance For The Bears

If you took the equities setup I posted  yesterday (short on a break of the daily low with a stop above the high) you didn’t get triggered so saved yourself some angst. If you got positioned early you may or may not still be in the game depending on where you out your stop. At… Read More

Flight MH-17 Black Box Reveals “Massive Explosive Decompression”

While it was already reported that the black boxes of flight MH 17 were supposedly not tempered with, despite early propaganda attempts via planted YouTube clips to claim otherwise (clips which have since disappeared replaced by other propaganda), the question of what the data recovery team operating in London would find was unanswered, until earlier… Read More

How to Write the Perfect Elevator Pitch in Under 10 Minutes!

(The following is an excerpt from the soon-to-be-released BiggerPockets book we keep talking about… it’s almost here!) THEM: “Hey Brandon… So what is it you actually do?” ME: “Well, I, uh… I invest in real estate… and… um… so… what about you, what do you do?” Ugh. It’s embarrassing just to type that, yet for… Read More

Entries Do Not Matter

From the very first moment fledgling traders look at their first chart they being taught all the exciting things which seem to matter and none of the (somewhat) boring things that really do matter. More often than not there is an almost obsessive focus on trading tools, various indicators du jour, technical analysis in all… Read More

No Crying Over Spilled Milk (Or Beer)

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Here we were trying to short this bitch several times in the past two days which on my end resulted in three ignominious stop outs – the last one at 1982. Only 1.5R lost, so it wasn’t a big deal but pretty much what I told… Read More

Five Critical Building Blocks to Creating a “Dream Team”

Hi Everyone – Matt’s wife – Liz here. I am going to be a guest contributor to Matt’s blog from time to time! I am going to write on various real estate topics as well as business strategy. For over a decade, I helped leaders from many different industries build and retain high performing teams… Read More

Making proper use of your advisor

If you have an investment advisor, you want to make maximum use of them as trusted members of your financial team. A fee based investment advisor is held to a fiduciary standard, meaning they must put your best interests first. This should mean that they can serve as a sounding board for your financial decisions… Read More

Where China Goes To Outsource Its Own Soaring Labor Costs

30 years ago, the great outsourcing wave took millions of US low-skilled jobs and planted them right in the heart of China, which was about to undergo the fastest industrialization-commercialization-financialization experiment in history. $ 26 trillion in bank assets later, the world's biggest housing bubble, and a teetering financial system that every day depends on… Read More

8 Pieces of Advice Newbies Can’t Afford to Ignore

I met a client last week who told me something that really touched my heart. He said “Amanda, looking back on the last 5 years of investing in real estate I realized that I have made so many mistakes along the way that were so costly. Does that happen to everyone and what could I… Read More