Fiat Endgame – More QE, NIRP, bails-ins and Pensions Plunder…

The fiat money system should be branded a "crime against humanity" because of what its unbridled excesses must inevitably lead to - chaos, destitution and war - which is what we are clearly heading towards. Recent Commentaries |… Read More..

Gold And Silver – A Reality Check

Nowhere in the elite's bought-and-paid-for mainstream news media will you hear about Iran using nuclear energy to supply their electricity needs throughout the nation. Nowhere will you hear that Iran has no means of delivering any nuclear attack ... Recent Commentaries |… Read More

September Employment Report: 142,000 Jobs, 5.1% Unemployment Rate

From the BLS: Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 142,000 in September, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care and information, while mining employment fell. ... The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for July was revised from +245,000… Read More

Taking Intelligent Risks: How To Stay In The Trading Game

You have to risk money to make money.  You have to make sure you don't risk so much money that you can lose your stake and go out of business as a trader.  Bet too little and you never make a good return on your capital.  Bet too much and you court career risks.  So… Read More

Reis: Apartment Vacancy Rate increased in Q3 to 4.3%

Reis reported that the apartment vacancy rate increased in Q3 2015 to 4.3%, up from 4.2% in Q2, and unchanged from 4.3% in Q3 2014. The vacancy rate peaked at 8.0% at the end of 2009.A few comments from Reis Senior Economist and Director of Research Ryan Severino:It appears as if the market has finally… Read More

Schedule for Week of October 4, 2015

This will be light week for economic data.----- Monday, October 5th -----Early: Reis Q3 2015 Mall Survey of rents and vacancy rates.10:00 AM ET: The Fed will release the monthly Labor Market Conditions Index (LMCI). 10:00 AM: the ISM non-Manufacturing Index for September. The consensus is for index to decrease to 57.7 from 59.0 in… Read More

The Two Faces of Stock Market Volatility

Volatility, volatility, volatility. It's all the financial world can talk about lately... and, well, for good reason. In the past few months, the world's stock markets have endured some of the most gut-wrenching price swings since ... Recent Commentaries |… Read More

Hikes Keep On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slipin’ Into the Future; Treasury Yields Sink Again

Treasury Yields Drop AgainCurve Watcher's Anonymous notes a further plunge in yields today following the disastrous payroll and factory order reports. Yield on the 30-year long bond fell to 2.80% from 2.85% yesterday. Yield on the 10-year note once again sports a 1-handle at 1.97%, down from 2.03%.DurationCurrent YieldYield Month AgoYield Year AgoYield vs. Month… Read More

Bank Failures by Year

First, a second failure today from the FDIC that makes eight in 2015: Twin City Bank, Longview, Washington, Assumes All of the Deposits of Hometown National Bank, Longview, WashingtonAs of June 30, 2015, Hometown National Bank had approximately $ 4.9 million in total assets and $ 4.7 million in total deposits. ... The FDIC estimates… Read More

Bank Failure #7 in 2015: Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, Georgia

It has been some time since a bank failed ...From the FDIC: Fidelity Bank, Atlanta, Georgia, Assumes All of the Deposits of the Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, GeorgiaAs of June 30, 2015, The Bank of Georgia had approximately $ 294.2 million in total assets and $ 280.7 million in total deposits. ... The FDIC… Read More

September Employment Report Comments and more Graphs

This was a disappointing employment report with 142,000 jobs added, and employment gains for July and August were revised down.Also wages declined slightly, from the BLS: "In September, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls, at $ 25.09, changed little (-1 cent), following a 9-cent gain in August. Hourly earnings have risen… Read More

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