Getting Past the Frustration of Trading Choppy Markets

When we have difficulty arriving at solutions, many times it's because we haven't spent sufficient time defining the relevant problem.Trading major U.S. stock indexes the past several months has been quite interesting, as we've traded within a range throughout that time.  Several sectors--most notably commodity-related shares--have been unusually weak; several sectors (consumer discretionary, healthcare) have… Read More..

Greek Stock Market Reopens (sort of); Math Perspective on the “Bailout”

The Greek news of the day is Greek Stock Market to Reopen, With Restrictions.RestrictionsPeople cannot draw on their Greek bank accounts to buy shares People can only buy shares with existing brokerage account cashI supposed people could transfer cash from elsewhere into stocks but no one in their right mind would do such a thing… Read More

Fed To Markets: You’re STILL Too Easy To Fool!

These days no matter what the Federal Reserve actually says, the markets respond like dogs sensing a piece of bacon coming their way. This is so for several reasons ... Recent Commentaries |… Read More

Zillow Forecast: Expect Case-Shiller National House Price Index up 4.3% year-over-year change in June

The Case-Shiller house price indexes for May were released on Tuesday. Zillow forecasts Case-Shiller a month early, and I like to check the Zillow forecasts since they have been pretty close.From Zillow: Case-Shiller Expected to Maintain Holding Pattern in June The May S&P/Case-Shiller (SPCS) data published today showed home prices continuing to rise at an annual… Read More

More Ritholtz on Gold, and Another Response

Anyone who has been bearish on gold for the last 4 years has been right. They have been right in Euros and though the trend appears to have been gently changing over the last year or two, they have been right in Canada ... Recent Commentaries |… Read More

FOMC Statement: No Change in Policy, No Clues for September

FOMC Statement: Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June indicates that economic activity has been expanding moderately in recent months. Growth in household spending has been moderate and the housing sector has shown additional improvement; however, business fixed investment and net exports stayed soft. The labor market continued to improve, with… Read More

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