The Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Never Giving Up

Failure is a loaded word. Throughout school as young men and women, we’re taught that if you don’t make a certain grade, you have failed.  In the real world, however, failure has a different face. In most cases, there are allowances for mistakes and setbacks, but none of these are necessarily failures.  You learn from… Read More..

It’s Not What You Do; it’s What You Don’t Do

In providing sales training to financial advisors, I often see planners with many great ideas. They offer multiple investments, insurance options or they are CPAs providing investment advice. For a business owner, it’s often fun and entertaining to find new ideas to sell and ways of going after clients. But it takes significant discipline to… Read More

Inflating the Big Mac One Calorie At A Time

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in June increased 1.8%. This increase was driven by the escalation of oil prices. However, this rate of increase is slower than what consumers are experiencing. This post has been updated from our post on May 15, 2014. Continuing our research into using the Big Mac as a gauge of… Read More

Bill Ackman’s attempt to destroy Herbalife has had exactly the opposite effect

So much for delivering a “deathblow” to Herbalife. That’s what the hedge fund manager Bill Ackman vowed to do on CNBC yesterday, prior to his screed against Herbalife today, which lasted more than three hours. After promising to offer the clearest evidence to date that the international nutritional club is a giant pyramid scheme that preys on Latinos, the hedge fund maestro didn’t deliver… Read More

Is The IRR Metric Any Good?

Well – that all depends… I wrote an article entitled The Definitive Guide to IRR a few weeks ago, in which I discussed the basic premise behind the Internal Rate of Return metric.  I mentioned in that article that a lot of sophisticated investors like to use this metric to assess an investment opportunity and… Read More

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Blindly Take Advice from a Realtor

Don’t be fooled by the title. Let me start out by saying I love working with Realtors in my business; that is certain Realtors.  What do I mean by that?   I like working with those agents that have also done some investing themselves. Before you take advice from a Realtor in your investing business, you… Read More

Binary Proposition

We have winnowed down our probabilities to just two, and will probably get resolution within 2 trading days.  Let’s examine the most recent evidence. We have a test of the upper boundary of the trading range. The picture is not completely one sided as the bulls managed a close in the top half of the… Read More

Wednesday: Architecture Billings Index, Mortgage Applications

Earlier today, the Richmond Fed manufacturing survey for July was released: Manufacturing Sector Activity Expanded; Shipments Grew Mildly, Hiring Picked UpOverall, manufacturing conditions strengthened. The composite index for manufacturing moved up to a reading of 7 following last month's reading of 4. The index for shipments gained one point, ending at 3. New orders grew… Read More

Tuesday: CPI, Existing Home Sales, Richmond Fed Mfg Survey

Here is a followup on an earlier article concerning short sale fraud, from E. Scott Reckard at the LA Times: Former BofA short-sales employee gets prison term for taking bribes A former Bank of America mortgage employee was sentenced to 30 months in prison for pocketing $ 1.2 million in payoffs to approve sales of… Read More

How to Start Investing In Real Estate Doing The Things Nobody Else Wants To Do

Getting deals is challenging these days. All that means is you have to be like Avis and Try Harder. And if you’re new to real estate investing, real estate wholesaling is one of those ways to try harder by doing the things other people are unwilling to do. Real estate wholesaling is ideal for beginners or people… Read More

Bank of America bucked the industry’s dour trading trend—but a shame about those legal costs

The numbers: Noisy. Bank of America’s revenue fell by 4% in the second quarter versus the same period last year, while profit sank by 43%, to $ 2.3 billion, thanks to hefty legal charges. Both numbers were short of analyst estimates, according to FactSet. BofA similarly disappointed last quarter, so the markets weren’t too surprised.  Tap to expand image The takeaway: BofA is haunted… Read More

Barclays’ secretive trading business has plunged since regulators yanked it out of the shadows

Barclays’ so-called “dark pools” are draining fast. The UK financial institution has seen shrinking trading activity in those secretive trading venues, where buy and sell stock orders are placed outside the scope of traditional, well-established exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq OMX. In late June, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Barclays alleging that… Read More

The 8 Things I Want Every Tenant to Know

Tenants come with differing backgrounds and life experiences. Some have been renters for years and know the drill. For others, it may be the first time away from mom and dad and out on their own. No matter what their renting experience may be, here are some things that I want every tenant to know… Read More

GE has no business being in retail finance so it’s making a steady exit

General Electric got mired in the risky business of consumer credit cards and car and home loans—and now it’s steadily pursuing an exit. The industrial conglomerate does the bulk of its lending through its finance arm GE Capital–a lending entity so formidable that US regulators deemed it systemically important. Back in 2008, GE Capital represented half of the… Read More

Is the Answer to my Contractor Problem Starting my own Company?

I love fix and flipping homes and buying rental properties. I love the money you can make and finding great deals, but my biggest problem has been working with contractors.  I have 9 fix and flips going right now and I can’t find good people to fix them!  I have interviewed new contractors, hired new… Read More