Promising Ideas to Start the Trading Week

*  I've found it helpful to track the correlations among the various sectors of the SPX by using creating an overall correlation index from the sector ETFs.  What you typically find is that, as cycles top out, there is divergence among the sectors.  That shows up as a drop in correlation.  Conversely, at market lows… Read More..

Top Trading and Investing Sites List

These are the top trading and investing sites and blogs you should be reading if you want to be successful. Don't see your favorite on the list? Leave the site in the comments section below the list. - Probably the best online charts available. Federal Reserve FRED Charts - Direct from the FED! Stock… Read More

Adding Vision to What You See in Markets

Strangely, I find that traders who describe themselves as visual--i.e., they make extensive use of chart displays of prices and indicators--are among those who trade with the least vision.  They make inferences from what they see; not from an understanding of what lies behind the displays.Take VIX, the popular measure of volatility implied by options… Read More

Ben Bernanke, Confused as Ever, Starts His Own Blog to Prove It

Ben Bernanke just started his own blog at the Brookings Institute. His first post, from today, Inaugurating a New Blog is the announcement. Let's dive into Bernanke's second post of the day: Why are Interest Rates So Low? Recent Commentaries |… Read More

Tuesday: Case-Shiller House Prices, Chicago PMI

From the WSJ: Fed’s Fischer Floats Ideas for Regulating Shadow Banks The Federal Reserve’s No. 2 official floated a series of ideas for regulating nonbank financial companies, the latest indication that top U.S. policy makers are focusing on risks in the so-called shadow banking sector.“While there has been progress on the financial reform front, we… Read More

Demographics and GDP: 2% is the new 4%

Note: This is a repeat of a post I wrote early this year.  Based on some recent comments I've seen, I think this is worth repeating.For amusement, I checked out the WSJ opinion page comments on the Q4 GDP report. As usual, the WSJ opinion is pure politics - but it does bring up an… Read More

Sarkozy, Le Pen Triumph Over Socialists in Second Round of Local Elections

The Socialists were routed in the second round of French elections this weekend. The centre-right UMP party led by Nicholas Sarkozy was the clear winner but Marine Le Pen's National Front had it best performance ever at the local level although it did not win any départements.The Financial Times reports Nicolas Sarkozy the winner as… Read More

UBS on the Driver for Gold: What is Gold About to Tell Us?

An interesting article came my way from UBS analyst Julien Garran on the driver for gold. I do not have a link to share so excerpts will have to do. Garran's article is one of the better one's I have seen. Unlike others, Garran does not cite jewelry, mining capacity, central bank purchases or sales… Read More

Monday: Personal Income and Outlays, Pending Home Sales, Dallas Fed Mfg

From the NY Times: A Deadline for Greece, and U.S. Jobs DataGreece hopes to gain approval on Monday for a detailed list of economic changes that its international creditors have demanded ...... recent economic data has been anemic, and it is likely that hiring has not kept up with the blistering pace of gains reached… Read More

Lawler: Possible Upside Surprise for Pending Home Sales Index

CR Note: The NAR is scheduled to release Pending Home Sales for February tomorrow at 10:00 AM ET. The consensus is for a 0.3% increase in the index. Housing economist Tom Lawler mentioned in his existing home sales forecast a week ago: While not enough local realtors/MLS either report data on new pending sales or… Read More