Let ‘Er Run

I’ll be quick today as there isn’t much to be said until the boyz at Jackson Hole are done laughing in their gold plated seats. Just about now they should be getting frisky and inaugurate the entertaining part of the conference by throwing darts at an IMAX size map of the world. As good ole’ George once said –… Read More..

Thursday: Existing Home Sales, Philly Fed Mfg Survey, Unemployment Claims

From Andrew Ross at the San Francisco Chronicle: Household income hasn't shared in recoveryAs of June, median annual household income was 4.8 percent below December 2007, when the recession began, dropping from $ 56,000 to $ 54,000. Going back to the good old days, it's down 5.9 percent from January 2000, according to the Sentier… Read More

Why More Real Estate Deals Don’t Fall Into Your Lap

Have you heard the news on the BP Podcast, in the blogs, or on the forums? People are doing lots of deals! Investors are making money again! So isn’t it time for you to get more deals too? Maybe you’ve tried. You’ve followed the MLS daily. You’ve sent out direct mail. You’ve made your business… Read More

Why Your 401k Is A Retirement Income Loser!

A savvy commenter and a couple buddies made known to me that last week’s post at a sentence or two they didn’t quite grasp. I read it myself, and calling that sentence the perfect example of tortured syntax would be straining the concept of kindness. Here’s the offending prose. “If all you ever did was… Read More

Ferguson Tonight: Peaceful Marchers Chant “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Several Arrests, SWAT Rolling Out – Live Feed

Following the death of another young black male in St.Louis, tonight has all the possibility of being another one of violence in Ferguson, Missouri. However, for now, there have been several arrests. In general police presence is notably less militarized, but in the last few minutes, tactical teams have started to rollout as protesters march… Read More

How to Make Offers and Walk Away Feeling Happy and Unashamed in Real Estate

I have been noticing a theme on several of the forums lately. Some real estate investors are worried about “offending the seller” with their low offer.   What?  There is only one thing we should be doing and that is making solid offers based on the numbers. There is a saying that goes something like this… Read More

Tuesday: Housing Starts, CPI

From Nick Timiraos at the WSJ: In Phoenix, a Realty Check as Market ModeratesAmong the cities most battered by the 2006 bust, Phoenix was the first to snap back in 2011. Prices, off by 56% from peak, then rebounded sharply, trimming that drop by a third. The number of homes in some stage of foreclosure… Read More

The Top 8 Mistakes Made By Rookie Landlords

Everyone has been a rookie at something at some point in their lives, whether it was in a new school, job or sport or even as a landlord. Being a rookie means that you lack the experience of more seasoned players. This lack of experience often translates into so called “rookie mistakes” because some things… Read More

Mindfulness, intuition and intentional trading

It’s not often that I include two quotes of the day in a linkfest as I did yesterday. See the quotes below: Gatis Roze, “Investors don’t earn the right to use intuition in their trading until they’ve been investing for decades, not years.  All others must stick to their methodologies and learn how to execute… Read More

Using Real Estate to Escape the “9 to 5″ and Find True Freedom

A few days ago I was out to lunch with a friend of mine and naturally our conversation soon directed itself to the topic of real estate. We had been discussing his current position as a manager in the corporate banking world and how truly unhappy he had become; how his salary had remained the… Read More

How to Get Higher Rents, the Hard Way!

If you are like most landlords or property managers, you are always looking for the highest rents, after all, no one I know shoots for the lowest rents. But there comes an amount where the rent exceeds the value of the property.  Once that happens, you would think that you would not be able to… Read More