Wall Street Breakfast: Greece Votes ‘No’ – Now What?

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ISM Non-Manufacturing Index increased to 56.0% in June

The June ISM Non-manufacturing index was at 56.0%, up from 55.7% in May. The employment index decreased in June to 52.7%, down from 55.3% in May. Note: Above 50 indicates expansion, below 50 contraction. From the Institute for Supply Management: June 2015 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® Economic activity in the non-manufacturing sector grew in June… Read More

Trading Success: What It Means to be Process Driven

We often hear that traders, to be successful, should "follow their process."  But what really goes into trading processes?  The recent post described a few common elements of successful trading.  One of those was selectivity.  Faced with an infinite number of possible trades and times to trade, even the active trader must find some way… Read More

Shades of Roosevelt: Greece Safety Box Controls; Cash in Hand is King

Back in January, I warned Greek citizens to take money out of Greek banks. I also warned not put it in safe deposit boxes. Both comments were dead-on accurate.Greece Safety Box Controls Please consider Greeks Cannot Tap Cash in Safe Deposit Boxes Under Capital Controls. Greeks cannot withdraw cash left in safe deposit boxes at… Read More

Overwhelming “No” Vote; The Way Forward; Congratulations!

Four polls said the Greek referendum was supposed to be "Knife Edge" close.Instead, Greece Heads for Decisive No Vote. With 85 per cent of votes counted, the No camp had won 61.5 per cent and was leading in every region of the country, a remarkable political exploit by Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras. But it… Read More

Shanghai Cliff Diving

Note: The polls in Greece close at noon ET, and early results might be available around 2:30 PM ET.The WSJ has a running discussion: Greek Referendum — Live Paul Krugman wrote this morning: Meanwhile In ChinaI am, of course, anxiously awaiting the results of Greferendum, although the next few days in Greece will be terrible… Read More

Update: Prime Working-Age Population Growing Again

An update: Last year, I posted some demographic data for the U.S., see: Census Bureau: Largest 5-year Population Cohort is now the "20 to 24" Age Group, Decline in the Labor Force Participation Rate: Mostly Demographics and Long Term Trends, and The Future's so Bright ...I pointed out that "even without the financial crisis we… Read More

This Past Week in Gold

Summary: Long term - on major sell signal since Mar 2012 when $ HUI was at 550. Short term - on sell signals. Gold sector cycle - down as of 5/16. Caution is advised. Recent Commentaries | Safehaven.com… Read More

What Successful Traders Do

I recently wrote a foreword for a very interesting book of interviews with successful daytraders that will be coming out shortly.  Among the excellent contributors were @modernrock, @OzarkTrades, @InvestorsLive, @lx21, @offshorehunters, @elkwood66, @kroyrunner89, @DerrickJLeon, @johnwelshtrades, and @TomKellyLV, Although my trading is different from theirs--and theirs is quite different from that of portfolio managers I work… Read More

Greece Sunday: δίλημμα

δίλημμα: Dilemma. There is no good choice on Sunday.Poor fiscal policies led to the need for a bailout. And the poorly designed bailout program has crushed the Greek economy. Now the creditors want more of the same, expecting a different result;  so voting "Yes" seems like the definition of insanity. But a "No" vote will… Read More

Pilot Pulls Wrong Throttle, Kills 43; Tennessee Train Crash Releases Toxic Fumes, 5,000 Evacuated; Robot-Preventable Accidents

Improper training of a Taiwan pilot took the lives of 43 people in February. In a report just released, the pilot's last recorded words were "wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle".Please consider TransAsia Crash Pilot Pulled Wrong Throttle, Shut Down Sole Working Engine. The captain of a TransAsia Airways ATR mistakenly switched off the… Read More