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Quick Entries

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Quick Entries


My VPS finally came back online after what in the end amounted to a 48 hour outage. Quite frankly speaking in this day and age this is an outrage, especially in an industry operating on razor sharp margins and literally increasing global competition. The one positive take away was that I finally relented and started looking for a more professional operation guaranteeing at least 99.9% uptime. And I think I may have found just what I was looking for.

Some helpful folks on a hosting forum pointed me toward the existence of ‘forex VPS providers’, a niche market I wasn’t even aware existed. Turns out forex VPS providers are catering exactly to traders like you and me who want to externalize their setups and usually require Windows based virtual systems, comparatively little bandwidth (no website or blog visitors), but solid and scaleable CPU power. I managed to set up an SSH server last night within just 15 minutes and then copied almost everything onto the my VPS. Thus far everything seems to be working fine and if I don’t run into any hurdles I plan on switching over to the new VPS this Sunday.

Before we get on with business I would once more like to extend my gratitude to all subscribers who have been extremely patient and supportive during what turned out to be two very stressful days for me. You guys are great and your continued support is very much appreciated.


With three Fed speakers on the roster later today it’s most likely going to be a quiet watch and observe day. However there are two long entries I think have potential, the first one being the E-Mini. The formation on the short term panel looks like as if we may see an attempt to breach higher sometime soon. I’m long here with a 0.5% R size (as I am expecting spikes in volatility) with a stop below the recent major spike low at ES 2485.


As anticipated yesterday, crude dipped below my trailing stop at 1R. I am however back in long with a stop just below that SL at 51.43. No guarantees but we are looking at a potential break out and trending situation so I’m willing to risk a 0.5% R size here for a potential short squeeze with a vengeance.


USD/CAD is still in the running and continues to look solid. I’m advancing my trail to just below 1.233 as the cautious approach thus far has served us well. Looking at the recent short term gyrations it becomes clear that this has not been an easy campaign. But realized volatility seems to be slowly dissipating which opens the door for a more sustained and directional advance higher.


Published at Wed, 27 Sep 2017 13:04:04 +0000

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