When Joe Biden was projected to win the U.S. election Saturday, alcohol sales spiked. At least that’s what the online alcohol platform and delivery service Drizly found to be true.

In a statement sent to Fox News, sales using Drizly were 30.15% higher than the average seen in the four previous Saturdays. Though, this percentage excludes Halloween.

U.S. states that tend to lean Democrat ordered more alcoholic beverages on average than states that tend to lean Republican – albeit at a slight margin, according to the study.

Drizly reports that it encountered a 32.12% sales spike on Nov. 7 from “Blue States” versus a 31.66% sales spike from “Red States.”

Conversely, Drizly encountered a sales spike that was only a quarter more than the four previous Saturdays from “Battleground States.” On average, the e-commerce platform says it received a 25.06% sales increase after the election announcement.

When it comes down to what people were ordering the most, Drizly’s customers were opting for some bubbly.

Sparkling wine and champagne were the top-selling categories on Saturday at 44.33%, which was notably “ahead of red and white wine share.”

In the previous four Saturdays, sparkling wine and champagne account for 20.98% of Drizly’s sales on average.

Democrat-leaning states appear to have ordered the celebratory beverages more than Republican-leaning states with a sales spike of 45.92% versus 41.57%.

Again, the states that can swing either way politically, appear to have ordered less than its Democrat and Republican counterparts. On average, these in-between states contributed to a sparkling wine and champagne sales spike of 40.83%.

For the sake of comparison, Drizly experienced a sales spike that was “above Drizly’s baseline year over year growth by 219%” on Election Day, which took place Tuesday, Nov. 3 and was 67.66% higher on average than the four previous Tuesdays.

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