Crypto-asset broker Voyager Digital said Monday business is booming as a result of volatility from GameStop.

The platform, which is geared towards retail consumers, is opening 100 accounts per minute in addition to rising from unranked to No. 18 on the Apple Store, Voyager Digital CEO Steve Ehrlich told FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

Steve Ehrlich“What we’ve seen over the last few days is record numbers for Voyager. We are opening 100 accounts… a minute, actually, on our platform. We went to 250,000 downloads the last three days and rose all the way up from unranked to the No. 18th ranked app in the Apple Store over a 24, 48-hour period. So we’re seeing mass adoption of people coming to our platform, retail consumers, and using our app to buy cryptocurrency currencies.

Our platform is geared to retail consumers. What we still have on our platform is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for bitcoin, right. So bitcoin to us is the core of the cryptocurrency system. But not only are we allowing people to trade over 50 coins with bitcoin, really being that a dominant factor there, we’re giving people interest on that. And then the second most popular coin that we have is a USDC stablecoin. So it’s a dollar-backed stablecoin. So that also pays 8.5% percent interest.

Our consumers are long-term believers in cryptocurrency. They are trying to create wealth, and our product is geared towards creating wealth for consumers over the long term, and those are the two staples of our platform in Bitcoin and USDC.

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