Dark Pool Trading: The Secret Exchanges $Billion$ Dollar Funds Use For Enormous Trades Without Anyone Knowing

And how you can sail under the radar with them for greater profits

Updated July 1, 2019

Billion dollar funds commonly use dark pools to place large trades without having anyone know about it.

Here is how you can learn to use these secret dark pools in your own trading to make more money.

You'll learn what are dark pool exchanges, what are some dark pool trading strategies, and what indicators are needed to take advantage of the dark pools.
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What exactly is this dark pool trading?

Picture this scene…

Billionaires shrouded in cigar smoke, drinking expensive scotch whiskey.

Multi-million dollar trades executed in complete secrecy.

Backroom hand-shakes and insider trading.

It sounds like a stereotype, but in all my years of trading, I’ve discovered this is 100% true.

The markets are rigged by billionaire sharks in dark rooms.

Manipulation and insider trading dominates everything you see on the stock market.

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If you control a hedge fund and have a large position in Apple stock how do you sell that position without moving the market with your own trades?

How would you enter a multi-million dollar position without alerting everyone and again raising prices?

The answer is dark pool exchanges exclusive trading portals available only to the wealthiest players.

It’s completely legal and bigger than I ever imagined.

Obviously, it appears there’s some really shady stuff going on here. But the good news is you can use this dark pool activity to beat the market.

can you profit from dark pool trading strategies?

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you use insider trading or manipulation!

But what if you could see these million-dollar dark pool trades before anyone else?

Understand that THIS is what moves the market. Manipulation, insider trading, and million-dollar dark pool trades. The sooner you see where it’s coming from, the smarter your own trades.

When you see the “big guys” buying and selling, you can make huge profits before the rest of the market catches on.

In this guide, I’ll explain how dark pools work and show you the trading strategies you can use to profit from these secret trades.


What Exactly Are Dark Pools?

Dark pools are private trading platforms off-limits to the average trader.

They operate in secret. Allowing hedge funds and banks to execute million-dollar trades without others noticing. It’s also known as the “upstairs market.”

Here’s the big secret… Dark pool trades aren’t made public for three hours (or in some cases up to 24 hours).

It means Wall Street players can move money without moving the markets. In contrast, trades on the NYSE and NASDAQ are made public immediately. This is known as the “lit market” or light pool market.

In 2014, dark pool trade volume accounted for as much as 40% of trading volume.

Dark Pool Trading Volume

(Source: Bloomberg)

Eclipsing volumes on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Dark pools are also cheaper. They offer lower commissions and better fills between the bid and offer price.