‘Tis the season. You’re looking for gifts for the family but feeling the effects of inflation. You have a Costco membership, and though you usually use it to stock up on six months’ worth of toilet paper, you’re wondering if you could maybe find gifts there? There’s no way, right? Unless the people on your shopping list want a year’s worth of fruit snacks? 

You’d be surprised! There are actually some great finds at Costco that the people in your life would be delighted to receive.

Gift Baskets

  • Cost: $29.99+

It’s got “gift” right in the name, so why would you pass it up? Costco offers a wide array of gift baskets that are sure to satisfy anyone you’re shopping for. For example, the Holiday Cheer Tower of Sweets contains Lindot Lindor Chocolate, Yves Thuries Dark Chocolate, mini spice cookies, Tutti Frutti candies and more, all for $29.99.

If you need to buy a lot of gift baskets for your office, there are luxury options to buy 60 of the Godiva Brown & Gold Holiday Gift Towers. These contain tons of Godiva chocolate favorites. However, getting them in bulk will cost you: it’s $1,999.99 to get 60 of these towers. But, if that’s all it costs to check everyone off your list (for years to come), it might be worth it. These are also a great idea for giving gifts to your entire office, so everyone feels like they got a top tier gift.

Gift Cards

  • Cost: Less than the face value!

If you’re a Costco member, you can take advantage of deals on gift cards, where you pay less than the gift card is worth. For instance, you can purchase a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card for the traveler in your life for only $449.99. You can also get two $50 Landry’s gift cards (covers a wide range of restaurants including Morton’s Steakhouse, Rainforest Cafe, Dos Caminos and more) for $79.99. Gift movie goers on your list with a $50 Cinemark gift card that you will only pay $39.99 for. And of course, you can give the gift of a Gold Star Costco membership for $60. 

Rabbit Wine Decanter

  • Cost: $47.99

Those who love to throw parties, or just love wine, will really appreciate this gift. The decanter removes the impurities and sediment from wine while oxygenating it as well. Reviews say that the quality of the decanter is “outstanding,” “looks sophisticated” and that it’s large enough to decant two bottles of wine at a time.

D’Artagnan Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box

  • Cost: $179.99

Meat eaters will love you forever when you give them this package. This steak gift box comes with two American Wagyu filet mignon steaks from beef tenderloin, two American Wagyu beef patties, and two USDA Choice bone-in ribeye steaks. If you’re lucky, you’ll be there when they open it and will get to sample some of these cuts yourself!

Star Wars Mandalorian 3D Puzzle Twin Pack

  • Cost: $14.97

For kids on your list, consider picking up this puzzle pack that comes with both a Razor Crest and Sandcrawler three-dimensional puzzle. Each kit comes with precision engineering paper sheets that you assemble together to build the models. One of the top reviews says, “This is a great model kit as the result looks great and it’s a fabulous way to spend time making something.”

Monte & Jardin Ultra Plush Throw

  • Cost: $17.99

Keep your loved ones warm with this super comfy and affordable blanket. The throw is conveniently machine washable, and comes in five different colors: gray, blue, white, multi and red. The blanket measures 60″ by 70″.

Gourmet Classics 5-piece Grilling and Kitchen Set with Silicone

  • Cost: $19.97

Though grilling season might be a ways away, it’s never too early to prepare. The griller in your life will love this set that includes two oven mitts, two potholders and one trivet. You can choose from three colors: gray, black and blue.

Diamondback Cobra 20″ Youth Mountain Bike

  • Cost: $99.97

Is your kid begging for a bike? This could be the answer. This mountain bike has a durable steel frame, and powerful brakes that are suitable for newbie bikers. The tires are said to suitable for pavement or dirt, so your little biker can go wherever they please. The bike fits riders 44″-54″ tall, or those between four and nine years old.

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